Proiect finanţat prin Programul RO06 Energie Regenerabilă (RONDINE), derulat prin Granturile SEE 2009-2014

“Valorificarea resurselor de apă geotermală pentru termoficarea Spitalului Clinic de Urgenţă « Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu», localitatea Baloteşti, comuna Baloteşti, judeţul Ilfov”

Ilfov Geo Thermal


The European Economic Area (EEA) was created in 1994, as a Free Trade Area between the European Community (EC) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The EEA gathers the Member States of the European Union (EU) and 3 of the EFTA Member States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), within an internal market based on the free circulation of goods, persons, services and capital.

On July 28, 2010, the Agreement between the European Union and the Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) for the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, as concerns the non-reimbursable assistant provided by this country between 2009-2014.

Through this mechanism, Romania is to benefit from financial assistance in various priority sectors.

The EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014 aims at reducing the economic and social disparities within the European Economic Area and at strengthening the cooperation between the donor states and the beneficiary states through the proposed priority sectors.

The general objectives of the Norway grants are the reduction of the social and economic disparities in the European Economic Area, and strengthening the bilateral relations between the donor states and the beneficiary states.

06 EN Renewable Energy Program (Rondine) will finance projects worth about 8 million which will help harness areas with geothermal and hydropower potential. These funds will be supplemented with 4.27 million EUR.

The financial allocation for the program RO06 Renewable Energy ( Rondine ) is performed as follows:

  • 85 % - European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
  • 15 % - state budget ( Environment Fund )