Proiect finanţat prin Programul RO06 Energie Regenerabilă (RONDINE), derulat prin Granturile SEE 2009-2014

“Valorificarea resurselor de apă geotermală pentru termoficarea Spitalului Clinic de Urgenţă « Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu», localitatea Baloteşti, comuna Baloteşti, judeţul Ilfov”


The eligible projects under the program Renewable Energy EN 06 (Rondine) consist of the following types of investments for renewable energy:

  • Initial investment and refurbishment of thermal energy production plants using geothermal energy in order to enlarge (increase) the production capacity of thermal energy from renewable sources. Only the projects where heat distribution networks, including connections to users, pre-exist, and will only recquire connection to the geothermal source, will be eligible.

Grant beneficiaries may include: state or private economic operators and administrative units.

The project involves the use of geothermal energy as an advantageous solution, on the one hand because the prices are lower than with classical fuels, namely natural gas, and secondly because geothermal water is a renewable resource of energy that allows sustainable use, unaffected by weather conditions and the night / day cycle.

"Prof Dr Agrippa Ionescu" hospital will benefit form the geothermal heating, and will save substantial economic resources, the operating costs being lower for geothermal heat than for the current methods.