Proiect finanţat prin Programul RO06 Energie Regenerabilă (RONDINE), derulat prin Granturile SEE 2009-2014

“Valorificarea resurselor de apă geotermală pentru termoficarea Spitalului Clinic de Urgenţă « Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu», localitatea Baloteşti, comuna Baloteşti, judeţul Ilfov”

About the project

The "Harnessing geothermal water for district heating Prof.Dr.Agrippa Ionescu Emergency Hospital, Balote?ti town , Ilfov County " project is conducted in partnership by Ilfov County Council (promoter) and Romanian Intelligence Service (partner).

Ilfov County Council, as promoter of the project, signed the contract for funding the aforementioned project on 12.05.2014. The project is financed under the Renewable Energy EN 06 (Rondine) undertaken by the European Economic Area 2009- 2014 Financial Mechanism.

The deadline for finalizing the works and construction is June 17, 2016 and the deadline for completion of the project is the 30th of April 2017.

The project is aimed at harnessing the resources of geothermal water from the Balotesti perimeter, in order to heat the "Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu " Hospital, placed in Balotesti, Ilfov County, IC Bratianu street, no. 149, batch 2.

The total value of the project is 9,732,546.00 lei, the total eligible project costs under the Financing Contract for Renewable Energy program RO 06 (Rondine) being 8,570,632 lei.

Grant funding requested for this project is 7,713,569.00 lei, representing 85% funding from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and 15% co-financing from the state budget (Environment Fund). Ilfov County Council's total contribution to the project is 2,018,978 lei.

This project aims to ensure sustainable energy development while protecting the environment.

Construction, equipment and facilities are designed so as not to constitute a threat to the hygiene and health of residents, neighborhoods and the environment by:

  • emission of toxic gases, particles or dangerous gases;
  • pollution or contamination of water or soil;
  • maintaining the quality of the environment is an investment that promotes the production of green energy from renewable sources.

All the designed elements are sustainable, energy efficient and have the following advantages:

  • they create a reduced environmental footprint (low carbon emissions, minimal energy consumption, incorporated renewable energy sources for heat production);
  • they are economical in terms of maintenance and operation.

Use of geothermal energy is an advantageous solution, on the one hand for prices that are lower than with classical fuels, namely natural gas, on the other hand geothermal water is a renewable resource of energy that allows for sustainable exploitation, unaffected by weather conditions and night / day cycle.

The "Prof Dr. Agrippa Ionescu" Hospital, which will benefit from geothermal heating, will save substantial economic resources, and the operating costs for geothermal heating will be lower compared with the current methods.

From the social point of view, the project contributes to improving the living conditions of people receiving medical services in the "Prof Dr Ionescu Agrippa." Hospital. Currently, thermal power in the hospital’s buildings is achieved with thermal energy obtained by burning gaseous fuel (natural gas) in the central heating system. This process, however, has high costs, and the solution of heating by geothermal water would significantly reduce operating costs and will produce savings that can be reinvested to ensure patient comfort by improving the conditions of hospitalization and acquisition of new medical equipment.